Here are some local, state and national resources for chronic pain. While we have looked at all of these sites, they are run by other organizations and we cannot offer any guarantees about the information you may find on these links.

Please note that links to other sites, including news items, may become abandoned at some point and fail to work.

The pain cancer connection, by Cynthia Toussaint

A video about chronic pain, by Susan Dudley Gold and Ernest Merritt III

Maine Voices: UNE making strides in understanding chronic pain Grateful to be taken seriously at last, chronic pain sufferers are glad to participate in the research.

Portland Press Herald pain series

The Portland Press Herald ran a three part series of articles on chronic pain in December, 2014. Links to the articles are below:

University of New England Video Series

In 2013 two University of New England students collaborated to document chronic pain in conjunction with the Pain Support Group of Southern Maine. Lindsay St. Louis, Senior Undergraduate Neuroscience Major and Mike D'Apice, Communications Major/Art Minor graduate interviewed members of the group and created the video series.

Group featured on National Public Radio program

The Chronic Pain Support Group was featured in a HumanKind radio show recently. Listen to a clip from the show.


Arthritis Foundation New England Region
6 Chenell Drive, Suite 260
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 603-224-9322
Fax: 603-224-3778
Toll Free Phone: 800-639-2113
Office Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Mon-Fri Eastern

The National Arthritis Foundation
P.O. Box 19000
Atlanta, GA 30326

Southern Maine Medical Center's Pain Management Center
One Medical Center Drive
Biddeford, ME 04005

Narcolepsy Network
Narcolepsy Network is dedicated to improving the lives of men, women, and children with narcolepsy. The organization’s goals include increasing public awareness to foster early diagnoses, advocating for all people with narcolepsy (PWNs), promoting and supporting narcolepsy and related research, and providing education and resources both to people living with narcolepsy and the public at large.

National Chronic Pain Outreach Association
P.O. Box 274
Millboro, VA 24460
Phone: 540-862-9437
Fax: 540-862-9485

U.S. Pain Foundation, Inc.
670 Newfield Street, Suite B
Middletown, CT 06457
(800) 910-2462

American RSDHope
Harrison, Maine
A national organization for survivors of RSD/chronic pain and their loved ones. While the organization does not appear to be currently in operation, the website is still operating.

Government and official agencies

Maine Department of Human Services

Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine: List of docs, see how your doctor rates

Medicare, including prescription drug assistance program

American Board of Pain Medicine Doctors

Legal & advocacy resources

disABILITY Information and Resources

Articles and other media

Here are some other links that may be interesting. Some are specific to certain diseases, others are general medical references that may provide some information. Although in most cases we have checked these sites quickly, we can't verify the information on them and we advise using caution.

New England Journal of Medicine
This is the web page for the group that publishes the weekly medical journal. They offer a portion of each week's journal, as well as links to other medical sites. This should be a reliable (although technical) source of medical information.


10 Simple Plantar Fasciitis Stretches & Exercises To Rehab Pain

Setting up a pain support group
I've posted a separate section explaining how I set up our pain support group. There are also links to behavior guidelines and warm-up exercises you can do to get each session started.